Friday, August 28, 2020

Hike: Robinson Lake / August 2020

Hike: Robinson Lake / August 2020

The road to Onion Valley at Kearsarge pass leads also to the road less traveled. And that would be a hike to Robinson Lake, a much-less visited trail that winds up to a, guess what, lake! :) Sub-alpine forests on the otherside of the Kearsarge Pass to a sub-alpine lake. As is almost always the case in the Eastern Sierras (or almost any part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains) the views range from the sublime to the epic.

 Sitting at an elevation of 10,500', Robinson Lake doesn't have the expected and common blue/turquoise sheen that most lakes high up in the peaks and valleys of the High Sierra has, but more of a deep emerald shimmer, which makes it fairly unique and striking. The reflection of 12,000+ peaks of the nearby mountains make this an enchanting place... calm, tranquil, less frequently traveled except by a group of women in their 20s who found it to be a great spot to sun-bathe nude. 

Length: 4 miles / Elevation gain: 1,300' / Highest Elevation Point: 10,500'.



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