Thursday, August 13, 2020

Hike: Los Angeles: Los Liones Trail / August 2020


Hike: Los Angeles: Los Liones Trail / August 2020

This was more of an urban hike to a degree since it is in the heart of the Pacific Palisades, near Santa Monica in the environs of Los Angeles. Since it's so close to an urban center, as you can imagine, it was pretty crowded. In fact, this was the most crowded hike I've done so far. Literally scores (maybe hundreds) of people on this trail on any given point at any given time - concurrently. Crazy. Not everyone wearing their mask or following trail etiquette, either, which isn't surprising, but a bit frustrating. Nonetheless a fun but traditional hike. Great views of the Pacific Ocean and some of the cooler houses and homes in the canyons of the Palisades, too.

Length: 5 miles / Elevation gain: 1,115' / Highest Elevation Point: 1,500'.

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