Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Hike: Eastern Sierra: Mono Pass / June 2020

Hike: Eastern Sierra: Mono Pass / June 2020

First of all, one of the cool things about this hike is that it STARTS OFF WAY ABOVE where most hikes end - at 10,000', almost the height of Mt. Baldy. And then you proceed to maintain that alpine level and climb numerous switchbacks - literally up and along the side of a 12,800' peak (Mt. Star) near other 13,000' mountains, and into a valley - still covered in snow - past numerous mountain lakes - and ever more upwards to more mountain lakes.

I can tell you from experience on this hike - hiking at an elevation above 10,000' is no joke. On the way down, I've never (ever) experienced the exhaustion I did - first time, ever, in fact- where multiple breaks were required, constant hydration, and every step was laborious. Coming down was probably more intense than going up. Gatorade and food is a must, as is a strong heart and a stout mind... not to mention some working legs.

But the visuals and the heights and elevation were truly amazing. Majestic and magnificent are a great place to start. Some of THE best mountain views yet.

Length: 7.5 miles / Elevation gain: 2,115' / Highest Elevation Point: 12,189'.

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