Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Hike: Shirley Canyon, Squaw Valley / July 2020

Into the Granite Chief Wilderness, Eastern Sierra Nevada,  Western Lake Tahoe area. Let's see... Shirley Canyon, started off fairly quaint, along the babbling river, small waterfalls dropping smoothly down eroded granite rocks, where families and children gather at the small swimming holes. Following along the river, until the trail starts its gradual ascent up to the granite rock hills and up into the Granite Chief wilderness. Astounding views and a nice climb up the granite mountainside. The cool thing is you get to cross and travel along mountain streams and alpine forests to get to the granite peaks. Picturesque would be a good place to start. As for the hike itself, not too hard, but more than rewarding with the views you get even heading just towards the top.

Length: 5 / Elevation gain: 1,925' / Highest Elevation Point: 8,250'.

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