Monday, June 1, 2020

Hike: Orchard Camp/Manzanita Peak/Mt Wilson / May 2020

Hike: Orchard Camp/Manzanita Peak/Mt Wilson / May 2020

What started out as a repeat hike in the Pasadena area to Orchard Camp (roughly 3 miles round trip) which was then extended to Manzanita Ridge (roughly 5 miles) and finally, extended again to the foot of Mt. Wilson (7 miles round trip), turned into a race against time - with dusk and sunset arriving around 8:30, and exhaustion setting in on... some people. :)

We started the hike around 10:30 and finished around 8 - almost 9.5 hours - though indecisiveness and a certain non-challance revealed themselves early on, a certain 'method hiking' approach took over at the point our destination goal posts kept getting pushed forward, lol.

Don't blame me, but this half day trip turned into a fun, full day hike as well as a very tiring, challenging, and rewarding sojourn. Our feet can bear witness to that. Unfortunately, a plethora of swarms of flies and mosquitoes on this trail robbed it of some of the enjoyment, but that didn't deter us from finishing (and running into some interesting challenges involving small medical issues brought on by ill-fitting footwear, haha!)

Length: 7 miles / Elevation gain: 4,400' / Highest Elevation Point: 5,408'.

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